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Monday, February 28, 2011


Tunic:Sans Souci
Necklace: $1 Jewlrey Galore
Flower on necklace:Claire's
Whatever your question is, yes. Yes I live in Arkansas, we like to go barefoot. Yes my pictures are blue, I forgot to change the lighting setting on my camera so they turned out blue and you know me, I was too lazy to redo them as this was already the second set. If you have any other questions the answer is yes. Or I don't know. I had my last Wilton Fondant and Gumpaste class tonight, my finale cake turned out cute just need to do a couple more things. I also went to the first soccar game of the year. Next week I'm going to do the consession stand, yay free food.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Skirt:Old Navy
Sweater: Moa Moa
I wore this to morning church.


Today I posted TWO outfits to make up for missing yeterday. The first half of the day I was at work wearing jeans and my work tee and the other half I was running up Pinnicle Moutian in basketball shorts and a tee so I COULDN'T post an outfit don't ya know.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Day 23

Tunic:A.N.A :: Jeggings: Faded Glory :: Sweater:Hot Topic:: Flats: Target

Hey Guys, I spent pretty much all day at the library because there is a quarterly booksale at our locale main branch. Soooo I shopped for the uber cheap books, surfed around on some blogs. At lunch, we walked over to the Rivermarket and ate some yummy Baked Potato Soup! Then we headed back over to the booksale to pay for our books and went home to read through our books and eat cheese dip and popcorn. You can tell my life revolves around food:) Not really.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Day 21 and 22

Sorry I missed yesterday, I stayed for a couple of volleyball games at church so we were back to late for me to do a post. I was really excited to find!!!! I had really liked the widgets on other blogs and finally found the site. Yesterday, before church, our family went over to meet another home school family and we had a really fun time! Today, before the fondant cake class I shopped around Hobby Lobby a little for supplies for some leather crafts I found on A Beautiful Mess, the tutorial is from a while back because I was being a stalker, because that not creepy at all:) Well actually blog stalking really isn't creepy at all because I was looking at the diy section and I am going to just stop going on about it like now. I have to admit that I wore day 22 for all of ten minutes, only for the photo shoot. I sat around in my pj's and changed so I would have a day 22 and wouldn't be TOTALLY behind.

This was my first time layering like this, and Ramsey is really my inspiration for this outfit.
Jeans: J. Crew

Shirt:I really don't know, the tag was already out.
Jeans:Paris Blues
Shoes I would be wearing: J. C. Pennys

Hot Kiss, Delia's, True Religion

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Day 20

Hey everyone, it cooled off so I'm not stuck with five clothing articles anymore. The downside to the said cooling off is that I did't know it had cooled off, wore this vvvv and was too cold to go take any interesting location. Something happened to this tree so it fell over or something. Oh and I realized that NOW I still have ten more days, this whole "February has twentyeight days" thing is throwing me off big time.

Shirt: Madison
Pants: Sonoma
Scarf: thrifted

Monday, February 21, 2011

Day 19

Hello everyone,

Today I was talking about how I thought it would be cool to take a picture at an old car, so my little sister started telling me about this old rusty car in the junkyard by our house. Well it sounded great! So right before lunch we started to walk over there. It was forever away. I was wearing Rocketdog sneakers and I took a mile long hike, not a great idea. I think it was worth it because it was a really neat location. I am getting really excited about getting my wardrobe freedom back. I got some of my spring clothing out and there are some that I really love!

I am wearing J. Crew jeans, Hollister tee, Say Anything sweater, thrifted scarf and Rocketdog shoes.
Oh and I am thinking about trying to start a comment cluster so y'all just tell me in a comment if you are interested!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Day 18. Oh yeah so I guess I'm a loser:)

Hello again, I really didn't feel like going anywhere fun today because it has been kind of a lazy day, so you get street pics. This is what I wore to church, lunch at Wendys, etc. I couldn't wear my Target black shoes because they accidentally went to Dallas with my mommy(ooops:) Oh an my cousin (the shopaholic) has informed me that I'm a loser for shopping so much when I'm not supposed to, she said it would be easy for her not to shop for thirty days, pshhh. It has been SUPER hard getting dressed this past week because the weather has been in the 70's. I have three short sleeved shirts and two short sleeved tunics. Today I was sooo close to wearing a dress not on my list, but I resisted temptation and cut the top off my black dress so I could wear it with my cheetah tunic. So yeah the skirt I'm wearing is held up by my elastic belt. Yes, it stayed up all day with minimal readjusting. I was going to cut the top off the dress anyways so not I just need to put a waistband on it.

Shirt: Tunic worn as shirt from Lei.
Skirt: Dress cut up to be a skirt from Apostrophie\
Belt: Rue21
Shoes: Would be from Target

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Day 17

Hey everyone, today is going to be a super short post because I'm really tired. I just got off work and I have a kinda bad headache. I did my bohemie hair today and want to try and do it tomorrow. Yes I wore the same shirt today but it really warmed up and I have all of three short sleeved shirts in my 30 pieces.

Yay! I only had enough hair to do two braids but it was cute!

Yeah, I know, this is random but it was cool:)


Jeans J. Crew

Shoes: J. C. Penny

Necklaces: Rue21, Icing, Gift, BFF

Friday, February 18, 2011

Day 16

Hello everyone, today I forced my siblings to bike to these peoples fence because it was perfect! I felt all cute and french riding my bike in a skirt, if I didn't have a mountain type bike I would have taken pictures on it but it is, so I didn't. The day itself wasn't that great though. It really wants to rain...but it can't:) At soccar I was sooo hot and sweaty and just yucky. It was a bun day though, and I love bun days. Some days I just look weird with my hair up and some days I look weird with it down, it all depends on...something. Tomorrow, if its a hair up day, I really want to try this hairstyle, so chic and bohemie.

Shirt:Hollister~Skirt:International Concepts~ Belt:gift~Shoes:J.C. Penny