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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Bleached T-Shirts

Today I want to share some t-shirts that I designed and made using bleach and some q-tips:) I got the tutorial from Fawnda at Fireflies and Jellybeans and it is sooo easy. All you do is find a stencil you would like to use, I just printed letter's off Microsoft Word and cut them out with my craft knife. Place the stencil on the t-shirt in the position you want it, then you either...
1. Spray around the letters or pattern with a spray bottle filled with bleach if your stencil is durable.
2.dab around or inside the stencil with a q-tip, rag, or cotton ball.
Let the T-shirt dry a little and then runit through a rinse cycle BY ITSELF!!! If you wash it with other clothes it could ruin them!!! Thats all there is to it:)


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Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Today I am just showing you some really inexpensive outfits I put together out of my closet. Most of the articles I got at:

  1. A Yard Sale

  2. The Goodwill

  3. The Clearance Center behind Goodwill that has CHEAP clothing

  4. Free from friends

There are a few from a regular store but all of those were absolutely necessary or on sale :)

Now some of you may be wondering what the Clearence Center is, it's a "store" behind the regular Goodwill that has all the unsold items from stores all over Arkansas. It carries computers, furniture,records, and clothes from all over Central Arkansas. We love it, I get pretty much all of my clothing there. I have found Express sweaters, a J. Crew dress, tons of American Eagle, and other stuff that wasn't brandname but was just cute. If othere is a Goodwill Clearence Center near you, I would highly encourage you to shop there.

I have put the prices of everything in my outfits so you can see how cheap I really am :)




Total cost of outfit:11$

Sweater8$ (this was one of those "Easter is tomorrow and I really need a white sweater" buys:) Tank:50 cents



Shirt:50 cents

Vest:35 cents

Headband:35 cents





Outfit: $4


Scarf:CHRISTmas present

Shirt:40 cents

Outfit:(real price) $10

(too me) 40 cents


Shirt:40 cents






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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

My Treadle Sewing Machine

My mom recently bought be a treadle sewing machine from a garage sale. I first became interested in getting one when I an article in a MaryJanes Farm Magazine about how Mrs.Butters uses a treadle machine for all her sewing. My electric machine is always messing up for me and I began to realize how nice it would be to not have all that elecrical stuff to get in the way of my sewing. I emailed a treadle expert and he told me that my machine was a Free Model H. What kind of machine do you use and why?
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