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Sunday, March 20, 2011

A sense of warmth is tapping at the door!

Happy 1st Day of Spring!!! It's absolutely gorgeous in Arkansas, in fact smell-of-burning-leaves aside, the weather is absolutely perfect! I wore this outfit for like five minutes because I got hot as soon as I walked outside but I really liked it and didn't feel like taking pictures today so I thought I would put this up today.
Kristine from Kristine, or Polly featured the most adorable blogger in her latest blogger interview go look at the post and then at Kathrine's blog Thrifted Things!
So my cousin and I are thinking about doing a craft stand at our local farmers market this summer. I recently had to quit my job so I am looking for some new ways to make some money. I am going to try and find another real job but would to do a craft stand on the side. It would just be every Tuesday and I think it would be a lot of fun! I would be selling my crocheted headbands, burned flowers, the skirts out of mens shirts, and possibly remade vintage clothing. My cousin makes really cute jewelery that she would sell.

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Friday, March 18, 2011

Finally Well!

Shirt:Gander Mtn.(thrifted) Sweater:J.C. Penny Shoes:Rue21 Necklace:Jewlrey Show Headband:Claire's

I had another outfit on and even took some pictures but then I got hot and changed and liked my new outfit better so I decided to take pictures of this on and then I liked these pictures a lot so I decided to post these today and I will probably just post the other outfit tomorrow. I guess you can tell that I am well now, thank goodness.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Hey everyone, I'm still a Sicky Vicky so I'm going to show you the headbands I have been obsessed with making for the past few days. I learned how to make them at a craft day at The Creative Chickadee's and she saw the tutorial at You Seriously Made That!'s blog. So I started crocheting tons on chains and then found that I was getting tired of doing JUST chains so I decided to start making flowers as well. I just kind of did my own thing for these flowers but found a tutorial on how to do some super cute crocheted one that I am going to try as soon as I publish this post. I swear the flu is the most miserable illness ever, PLUS I'm sick on St. Patrick's day. My family has this yummy tradition of always coming to our house on St. Patricks day and having a trad Irish dinner, corned beef, soda bread, potatoes, but me, my mom, and my little sister are sick so our dinner is canceled. Stink.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Cute Floral Fashions

Hey everyone, I have the flu right now so no outfit till either tomorrow or Friday, but I havent't posted in a while so I thought I'd do a post on some of the adorable floral stuff that is "in" this spring and summer.

I love rompers, and this Modcloth one is very modest and yet super cute! I would wear it with a scarf or cardi and some strappy sandals, or just with some flip flops. Here is a cheaper sample from Ardenb

I stole this from A Few of My Favorite Things, but I fell in love with this Lauren Conrad dress!!

This pattern and style is so cute! I would wear some tights with this Rushe dress because of the length.
here is a cheaper dress very similar from Charlotte Russe

I know this isn't floral but I had to share it with you! Its Anthro but could easily be copied! 
All of these pieces are from kinda pricey sources but could easily be copied from yard sales, thrift shops,
places like Rue21, Target, Wally World, F21, or Charlotte Russe. As you can see I have included some cheaper alternatives on a couple of the pictures. Happy Shopping!

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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Shirt:Goodwill Skirt:Bealls Shoes:Garage Sale:Earrings:ClairsNecklace:Rue21
Hey y'all,
sorry about disappearing the past couple of days, I had a lot of stuff going on. Thursday night I had soccer practice and then  I walked over to a softball game, after the softball game I went home and got to do a short post while laughing at my family and asian cousins play Mao. Haha I just ran down the street to get ice cream from the ice cream truck:) Then on Friday night I went to the state basketball championship and I didn't get home till eleven. Saturday I worked outside all morning, then I got to go to a girls day at The Creative Chickadee's house where we made some awesome crafts, I'll have to post some pictures later. I planned on wearing my menswear skirt but decided to wear my favorite shirt ever.

 We went to the mall this afternoon and I got some new camis and some really cute accessories from Claires. Have you ever done the 10 for $10 at Claires? Well we realized (after we had scanned our 10 things) that you don't neeed 10 things! Why don't they just say the $1 rack!?!?!?!?!?!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Video Tutorial

I made this yesterday morning and I had JUST woken up so please excuse any yawns, strange facial expressions, morning voice, family interuptions or any other wierd things that happen during this video. I started preparing for this hairstyle the night before, you need to do the preparation when your hair is wet. Also I found that if you take your curling iron and run it over all your hair, it takes away the dreadlock look.
I hope you enjoy it!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Tutorial for a Skirt

Hey there, today I have an outfit at the bottom of the post and a tutorial for the skirt you can find HERE I thought it was SO cute! you take a menswear shirt that isn't cute and turn it into an adorable skirt that definatly IS cute! so here it goes. You're going to need:
A menswear buttonup
Waistband elastic
A sewing machine (or needle)

Lay your shirt on a flat surface and cut it off at the point where you think it will be long enough for your preferences

If your skirt comes above the arms, sew the sides up so there's no puckers.
Cut a piece of elastic to fit y0ur waist and sew the ends together. Then either gather the top edge of the skirt and sew the elastic to the top or you can put pleats in the top and sew the elastic the same way.

You could do this step like me or you could put a casing around the top and thread your elastic through the casing. I just like how the wide elastic looks at the top.

Okay so you know how the front of the skirt buttons up? You're going to want to whip the two edges of the front together on the back of where it buttons up. Now if a button happens to come undone, you don't have to worry about your unmentionables showing.

Now, I decided to further trim the top of my skirt so my pocket would have been nearly hidden underneath my waistband. I undid the stiches and placed it lower on the skirt where it would be more visible.
Now enjoy your adorable skirt!
I also have an outfit for today:)

Jeans:Levis (gift) Shirt:Expressions (thrifted) Sweater:AE (thrifted) Scarf:Kohls (clearence) Shoes: J.C. Penny (gift)
If anyone would like to know how I do my "twisty" hair, or just wants to know what my voice sounds like (thats why I like seeing videos) I am going to try to upload a video tutorial I made this morning on how I do it.
Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Stylish Blogger Award

Jeans:Levi's (gift) Shirt: skirt from Rue21 (thrifted) Cardi:Charter Club (thrifted)

I got the Styleish Blogger Award,! I was awarded this fun award by Shana from Colorblind, this is my first award and I am really excited, thanks Shana! This is an award to help find other new fashion bloggers and there are some rules:

1. Thank the person who sent the award to you

2. Share seven things about yourself

3. Pass the award on to bloggers you have recently discovered and who you think are fantastic

4. Contact the bloggers you picked and let them know about the award

So here's the Seven things about ME:

1. I am mix of girly, sporty and country, I love clothes, shopping, hair, and makeup but I also love basketball shorts and tees and going barefoot and snakes so yeah!

2. I LOVE crafting, I like sewing, making flowers, knitting, crocheting, making accesories, glueing, drawing, updating my room, making gifts for people, anything that involves crafting!

3. I hate cats, I am really allergic to them and just cannot stand them. I also have this thing about dogs that get on my nerves, like strays and dogs that bark, or dogs that get out of their yard and roam the neighborhood.

4.I am one of the cheapest people you will ever meet. I shop at thrift stores, yard sales, and clearence racks at F21, Rue21, and Charlotte Russe. Sometimes Goodwill prices even seem expensive to me, I will be going through the racks and be like "WHAT 3.50 for an AE tee thats way too much!" Yes I am VERY cheap.

5. Even though I like clothes, I'm not a big shoe person, I get a few basics and thats about all. I would like to try and get some different, more vintage looking shoes and accesories though. I think one of the reasons I don't buy many shoes is that my feet are so large. I mean its kind of hard to find cute shoes at garage sales etc. when you wear a size 9-10.

6.I love reading old books, Jane Austen, L. M. Montgomery, but I also like reading modern fantasy, so like J. R. R Tolkien, Christopher Paolini.

7. I have the best friends ever! They are always there when I need them ! I can be myself around them , and they love me anyways. We like running together, camping together, having sleepovers, doing hair and makeup, watching movies and laughing for weeks over them.........

I am passing the award on to...

Ponytails at My Passions for Fashions

Justine at Just Better Together

Monday, March 7, 2011

Day 30! (woot woot!)

i thought you might want to see the fantastic outfit for day 30 so here it is, astonishing I know. I planned to do a really cute, fantistic outfit for the last day but was totally uninspired. I went to my back fence, put the camera on selftimer, and took about twenty shots. Then I went through and started deleting the bad ones when I zoned out an deleted all but two of them!!!!!! The Memphis conference was great, I was sick the whole time but it was still great. We got to go to a Tim Hawkins concert Friday night and that was awsome! (has anyone else seen him dance to Party in the USA?? LOL) Tomorrow I will try to post some pics we took if I remember to ask my aunt to email them to me. Oh yeah I know it looks like I did like 27 days but I did 30 I promise I just got mixed up or something.


Thursday, March 3, 2011


Hey y'all, we're here chilling in Memphis. Ok, well, we are actually at a conference so we spent three out of the last four hours in a conference sessions, but it's cool. Ok guys, I'm not gonna lie, we drove by an Urban Outfitters and my heart kinda dropped...till I realized that it was under construction. Saddest day of my life. We also tried to go to Goodwill and realized that it was just a donation center. My cousin and I decided we're not supposed to shop this weekend. The sessions we went to were great. We went to one about understanding evil and suffering, one about speed reading, and one about different worldveiws. Oh and you won't get any pictures till Sunday because I forgot my camera and my aunt's memory card won't fit in the computer slot so yeah. We got her card stuck and had to perform surgery to get it out. We used nail scissors and tweezers.

I'll try to post more about the conference tomorrow and maybe I can bum a card reader off someone.


Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Almost there!

Jeans:Paris Blues
Belt: Handmade
Yay, I just have one day more of the 30 for 30 challenge. I can't decide whether I'm happy or sad. Today I was so hoarse from the soccar game last night, I have a uber bad cough. I have been trying to mix and match as much as possible.y
This weekend my mom, aunt, and cousin are going to a confrence in Memphis. I will be wearing some of my favorite spring slothes as it has warmed up quite a bit. Some of the items you will be seeing are some of the stuff I have bought recently (i.e. while doing the 30 for 30 challenge.) My favorite thing I bought was a totally adorable Forever21 blouse, when you see it I swear you will understand why I bought it. I'm pairing that up with this cute AE cardi I bought at a yard sale.