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Monday, March 7, 2011

Day 30! (woot woot!)

i thought you might want to see the fantastic outfit for day 30 so here it is, astonishing I know. I planned to do a really cute, fantistic outfit for the last day but was totally uninspired. I went to my back fence, put the camera on selftimer, and took about twenty shots. Then I went through and started deleting the bad ones when I zoned out an deleted all but two of them!!!!!! The Memphis conference was great, I was sick the whole time but it was still great. We got to go to a Tim Hawkins concert Friday night and that was awsome! (has anyone else seen him dance to Party in the USA?? LOL) Tomorrow I will try to post some pics we took if I remember to ask my aunt to email them to me. Oh yeah I know it looks like I did like 27 days but I did 30 I promise I just got mixed up or something.



H Rija said...

love your outfit!
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Laura said...

Very pretty scarf chica!