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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Day Outfit

Shirt:? via Goodwill Shorts:Dockers via Goodwill
This is what I wore the morning of Memorial Day and then I went to Skate Connection (I know amazing day:) and a cookout so I just changed into a brown tee.

Anndd I have TWO features for you to go check out!

Thrifters Anonymous

Thursday, May 26, 2011

I got dressed!

Shirt and Necklace :Rue21 Capri's and Shoes I would be wearing:Target

Yes, I got dressed, be proud of me! I also swam for an hour and a half  tonight so excuse the nonexistent post:) 

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Headbands (prob. part 1)

You guys might be getting tired of seeing all the crafty things I have been making but TOO BAD! I am having so much fun making them! So here are some headbands I made.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

How Fascinating

Haha sorry about the cheesy title I couldn't resist! My grandmother hosts a tea party once a month for granddaughters and this month we had a Mother Daughter Edwardian Hat theme. I look rather strange in hats but I was going to wear one anyways until my aunt started telling me about how there were Edwardian fascinators and so I decided to make some. The first picture is just a fluffy flower attached to a birdcage veil. The second fascinator is a circle  of felt I covered in fabric and then sewed feathers, buttons, and a ribbon trim on. The last fascinator is just a picture that I found on the web, loved it!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Feature Friday

 Hey guys, this is Sharde from The Style Projects

-What made you start blogging? Well right before I started my blog, my man had to move to California for work, leaving me here until June when I get to join him. We have always been super close and we have no family here, and so in his absence, I started the blog to keep myself busy when I get home at night. I am a nanny full time during the day, and I go to Aveda Institute Houston at night (full time) so I always have something going on to talk about. I've wanted to do it for a long time really but I just had to push myself to put myself out there. I have always made anything I possibly could and everyone always asked how I do it, so I figured if my friends always want to know, other people might want to know as well.

-What is your alltime favorite blog? Can I get back to you on that question? I simply cannot pick one! But a couple favorites are Little Miss Momma and Delia Creates.

-What is your favorite piece of clothing? The skinniest of skinny pants. Because if they fit you right and keep all of your junk inside the trunk, they make you look soo good. I love the way I feel when I wear them, and I'm partial to a black pair from Miley Cyrus at Walmart. They look like nice pants but feel like sweats so they are extremely comfortable.

-What is your hair/makeup routine in the morning? It takes me about five minutes to get out of the house in the morning because I have to be at work at 7 am and my day doesn't end until 10 pm so it is usually nonexistent. The one thing I am adamant about is face moisturizer. I use Aveda All Sensitive and I love it. At about 5:30 in the parking lot when I arrive at school is when I actually do some hair and makeup. No base, no foundation, no mascara. Gloss, blush, and a little shimmer shadow is usually all I do as far as makeup goes. I like to keep makeup for special occasions because I can do great makeup, but if I wear it all the time then it would never be special. And hair, I usually go for some sort of 5 minute updo that I can throw together during the week. On the weekends I prefer to wear it down. The Houston humidity right now is preventing me from doing alot! I also have hair extensions that I wear sometimes, but only if the weather is right.

-Where do get your outfit inspiration? I read My often, and I follow The Daybook. Granted, none of my outfits ever look like theirs. My outfits have to be effortless because I'd rather spend time on my hair on the weekends than fussing over my outfits. I kind of just pick and choose a couple trends I see in magazines per season- ones that I think will stick around for a couple seasons at least because I really despise buying that one trendy thing that is suddenly "out".

-Share one totally random fact about yourself. I like to pretend that I have tattoos :) I've always drawn them on myself with fine tip Sharpies because I like to have something extra interesting sometimes. Just a heart, a star, or a letter B with a crown on top for my man's name, Brandon. I would never get a real one because I'm a sissy girl though! :)

Thanks so much for having me Haley! Sorry if my answers are long, I talk alot :)

Monday, May 9, 2011

Shirt Aero via Aero:) Skirt: ? via Goowill Belt:Rue21 Necklace:Rue21 Shoes:Yard Sale Tank:ON handimedown Watch:Hidden Treasures

We went to Branson this weekend and Saturday morning my mom and I went shopping and guess what? I bought a shirt. AT Aeropostle. Yeah it was on the clearance rack and cost less than $7 but I bought a shirt a Aero and that's a pretty big deal for me. Did anyone else seen Ralph Laurens summer collection? Well you should go look because it's BEAUTIFUL! I also got some cute stuff at Rue21 including the really cute necklace that I am wearing. I had been seeing stuff like it on other blogs and found this one at Rue for $2!!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

My Weekly Post:)

Shirt:Hot Tempered via Goodwill Shorts:Handimedown idk brand Headband:Yardsale?

The main reason for me not posting is my lack of motivation to get dressed or craft. Monday and Tuesday I felt like poop and Wednesday I was super cold but I did feel like getting dressed today so here ya go. I wanted to let you know a couple of things:
  1. If you see any comments on my posts, from craftydiva (my google account username) that are talking about how cute or amazing I am...I just forgot to log out on my moms laptop and she didn't realize she wasn't logged in. I'm really not that weird...I promise:)
  2. If I said I would do a post swap for you I am working on it. I promise. (Katri I will get to it when I have some time!!!!!)
I really don't have anything else to tell y'all about, tomorrow I have a Feature Friday with Style Projects, super excited!