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Monday, May 9, 2011

Shirt Aero via Aero:) Skirt: ? via Goowill Belt:Rue21 Necklace:Rue21 Shoes:Yard Sale Tank:ON handimedown Watch:Hidden Treasures

We went to Branson this weekend and Saturday morning my mom and I went shopping and guess what? I bought a shirt. AT Aeropostle. Yeah it was on the clearance rack and cost less than $7 but I bought a shirt a Aero and that's a pretty big deal for me. Did anyone else seen Ralph Laurens summer collection? Well you should go look because it's BEAUTIFUL! I also got some cute stuff at Rue21 including the really cute necklace that I am wearing. I had been seeing stuff like it on other blogs and found this one at Rue for $2!!


Gentri said...

I love that shirt! I have a similar one and I wear it with everything!!! I'm having my first ever and huge giveaway on my blog and would LOVE if you joined!!! :)

Damon Steele said...

I'm pretty impressed that a retail store pried some of your hard-earned cash out of your hands. :-) You look lovely in these pics my dear...


Rebekah said...

Shopping with you was a highlight of my weekend. You have such a good eye for style. Love ya'

Mom, who sometimes doesn't look at who is signed in and comments under her daughters blog with her daughters identity...she is wierd but not that wierd!

1 Funky Woman said...

You are seriously darling my dear! Love the outfit, necklace and the braid! Maybe I can take away some tips from you!

Found you at Thursday blog hop!