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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Day 15 Awkward:):)

My mommy is going to Dallas for a conference this weekend, so I may get behind in my blogging because I will be mommy for the sibs. In preparation for her conference my mom went to get a haircut. Unfortunately, the salon is pretty much next door to Goodwill. I just went to the Clearence Center and spent $2.78...big whoop. BUT I only bought a skirt (which I needed) and a scarf (really cute) for myself. I got a skirt to make burned flowers out of a brand spanking new Forever21 skirt for my spring stuff to take to Plato's Closet. Today was my first day to get some weird looks from people while I was taking my pictures. My brother walked over to Goodwill with me and on the way back to the salon we saw a gap in between two strip mallish things, sooooooo we went right on over and started taking pictures. Well, someone's car alarm went off and this guy walked out of a restaurant and stared at us for like forever...awkward:)

I am wearing J. Crew jeans, an Old Navy tank under my Copper Key Jacket with a Rue21 necklace and Target shoes.
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