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Monday, February 7, 2011

Guest Post and Day 7/30

Today, the beautiful Miss Ramsey came over to tell us about how she dresses cutely and comfortably at the same time, she said I could steal some pictures so I picked out my favorite outfits, for more adorableness head on over to Love, Ramsey

Hello guys! Ramsey here from Love, Ramsey. Haley asked me to chill here for a bit today and chat about how to dress comfortable but still cute. So here I am, who brought the coffee and doughnuts? I kid. But no really, if someone around here does have coffee and doughnuts, don’t hold out on me.

For my style, I tend to gather inspiration from magazines and celebrities and such, but tone them down to a level that I can wear every day.

First, shoes are rather important. Buy comfortable heels. Your feet will thank you. In fact, they will probably hop right up and kiss you on the mouth. Not that you would want that. So buy comfortable heels and wash your feet before any kissing can go down. I don’t mean that you have to spend bookoodles of dough or buy granny shoes, just steer away from sky scrapers and narrow heels if you plan on wearing them all day.

Next, you should dress comfortable for your budget. Don’t spend more than you are comfortable with. There is no need (albeit there is often a want, but that is not what we are here to discuss) to buy every new collection just to have a great outfit. Rearrange your closet so that you can see what you’ve got and now that it looks all sparkly and new because it is clean and organized, pretend it’s your most favorite store and shop away. In fact, you can even hire yourself as a personal shopping consultant. I pay myself in Oreos. When you must buy, invest in a few good pieces that will never go out of style and buy the trendier stuff from cheaper stores. That way, you get your money’s worth.

Dressing comfortable for the weather means layers. Like an onion baby. Ok, I stole that one from Shrek. But seriously guys, layer it on and don’t be afraid to try new color and pattern combinations. If it doesn’t work out, there is always tomorrow my friends!

Finally, you should dress comfortably for your values. I personally prefer to be more conservative than most high fashion mags. You can definitely pull of an awesome look without being too exposing. Add tights with something a little short or a scarf over a low neckline.

I hope this was beneficial to you guys. If not, well, just don’t tell me and I’ll never be any the wiser. Thank you Haley for inviting me over! But next time, somebody seriously better bring some snackage.



After two photographers, (one of which was coatless and shoeless, Note to Self:Rachael is not the best choice of photographer) four bad pictures, dead batteries, no batteries and freezing cold feet and arms here is my legwarmer outfit...tada

I had typed out a script of how my photoshoot went but my moms computer erased my whole post so you got the abridged version above...very abridged:(

I am wearing Faded Glory jeggings, Sans Souci tunic, J.C. Penny's shoes, my legwarmers are borrowed from my aunt because she wanted to see how to wear them, I have an assortment of bracelets on, a Rue21 necklace and an Italian necklace (fancy huh)
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The Thrifty Designer said...

The leg warmers look great on you! So I just have to borrow them back so I can look this cute. Ramsey was awesome! Great fashion advice.

Under Her Wings said...


Rebekah said...

How wonderful is that that one of your favorite bloggers guest posted. I love your boldness. And I love YOU.