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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

You Again Day 8/30

Picture problems again. ( by the way that movie looks awesome) I went outside, braved the freezing cold, brought a cute chair some props, my little brother, we took some pictures that I thought would be turn out good and they didn't. I was using my dads camera as our batteries were [still] dead so maybe that was it but they were totally white. I don't know why he wouldn't look at the pictures but he did consent to retake them, I did stay inside because it was freeezing (I would know, I had just spent two hours playing soccer in leggings, shorts, Under Armor, and a tee shirt) but I had liked my location. A lot. You're getting legwarmers again. Aunt Charity, I don't know if you'll get them back anytime soon, maybe next winter.

Top:Madison Jacket:Old Navy Jeans:Paris Blues Belt:Rue21 Tank:Charlotte Russe Shoes:none(but if I were wearing shoes they would be the J. C. Pennys)

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The Thrifty Designer said... always. And I'm still feeling a bit old for the legwarmers, so have fun with them!

Under Her Wings said...

Now those pics turned out really cute! I love the painting in the background.:) It matches your outfit. Those leg warmers should really come in handy in the cold and snow.