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Friday, February 11, 2011

Rule Breaker!! Day 11/30

Before I start I would like to apologize for my rule breaking spree, really I don't mean to break so many of the rules, it just happens. Today I wore something else off list well too things but one was my boots which I had already worn so those don't count, but my amazing grandma made all of her amazing granddaughters valentine tee shirts so I had to wear mine! I also wore my boots because the snow hasn't melted yet and if I wore my other shoes my feet would get wet and cold and eventually frostbitten and then they would have to be amputated by the doctor. (this is the explanation we gave my cousin Brock when he wanted to know why he couldn't play outside in his sneakers) Oh yeah I also wanted to apologise for not putting any outfits up yesterday but I spent the day in a snowsuit going off snow ramps and breaking my kneecaps on the ramps.(not really, it just looks and feels like it)

She wanted her picture on my blog

I am wearing a V-day shirt my gogi made, an Energie sweater, J. Crew jeans, legwarmers, and Walmart boots (still super wet)
If you want to see all of our shirts go here to my gogi's blog
Thanks for reading!

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Under Her Wings said...

Hey, thanks for mentioning my blog! I like the pics at the church wall. Your outfit didn't show up really well. Need some closer pics of my beautiful granddaughter and her clothing she so smartly puts together.