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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Day 21 and 22

Sorry I missed yesterday, I stayed for a couple of volleyball games at church so we were back to late for me to do a post. I was really excited to find!!!! I had really liked the widgets on other blogs and finally found the site. Yesterday, before church, our family went over to meet another home school family and we had a really fun time! Today, before the fondant cake class I shopped around Hobby Lobby a little for supplies for some leather crafts I found on A Beautiful Mess, the tutorial is from a while back because I was being a stalker, because that not creepy at all:) Well actually blog stalking really isn't creepy at all because I was looking at the diy section and I am going to just stop going on about it like now. I have to admit that I wore day 22 for all of ten minutes, only for the photo shoot. I sat around in my pj's and changed so I would have a day 22 and wouldn't be TOTALLY behind.

This was my first time layering like this, and Ramsey is really my inspiration for this outfit.
Jeans: J. Crew

Shirt:I really don't know, the tag was already out.
Jeans:Paris Blues
Shoes I would be wearing: J. C. Pennys

Hot Kiss, Delia's, True Religion


Sarah Marie Kathleen said...

You're adorable! I love all your pose :)

craftydiva said...

Aww thank you! Do you have a blog? If so whats your site address?

Shanae Branham said...

It was hard to choose which outfit I liked the most, but I went with the second one because of how much I liked the blouse. Oh, by the way, thanks for explaining the 30 day thing to me. Sounds fun.