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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Day 13 and Spring Trends

I didn't break any rules today!!! I am getting a little bit tired of JUST doing
30 for 30 so today I have some cute spring trends I wanted to share with all of y'all.
I love the lace trend! These shoes are a mix of girly and tough leather and lace together.

Aviators!!! I am so excited that these are still in I LOVE them!!
Denim is very in this year and this is a cute way to make the classic blazer a bit more casual.

I really love the cropped look, so cute!

Love Celines dressing down trouser style jeans!

I am wearing my Old Navy skirt, Hot Tempered shirt, Express sweater, and Target flats.
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Nicole... given said...

i love kristen's blue blazer!

Rebekah said...

I love the cropped pants and I wish I liked wearing blazers, but I love the look. The shoes look like they would HURT. And I am all about comfort, you know.

Under Her Wings said...

Do you really like the baggy pants? A bit much for me, but I'm a bit older, too. Loved the post. It's about the only way I can know the trends, since I don't go to the mall much anymore. And your outfit looked great, as always.

craftydiva said...

I did't like the baggy ones I liked Celines:)

Amber said...

Love those cropped jeans, do you know who they are by? Thanks for sharing. ax

Modest Fashion Sense said...

Love love the lace trend as well! So fun. But now that I have seen that denim blazer, I think I might be obsessed and NEED one :)

The Thrifty Designer said...

The shoes scare me...the baggy jeans are cute on that one girls. Love the blazer, and I'm all for cropped pants. Fun post!