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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Day 5/30

I decided to stay at my grandmothers an extra day so as soon as I got home a got an outfit together and got my little sister to take some pictures for me and for a six year old she did an amazing job!!! Oh and by the way I broke my vows aunt and grandma took me to Goodwill and I said I was just going to look for a dress for the Princess party (a sweet lady from our church throws a princess tea party every Febuary and we dress up in prom dresses) and then I was looking for shirts for my mother because she needed some new ones, then I found an ADORABLE Forever21 shirt that I HAD to get, I'm sure you know the feeling. Then I went to the clearence center to get shirts for some burnt edges circle flowers and found an adorable grey shirt and a tunic BUT I am going to make a skirt for one of my sisters as the tunic looks odd on me so it doesn't really count:)

Yeah, I know, my pants are short but its hard to find clothing long enough for my legs and arms so just live with it.

I'm wearing Sonoma cargos, a Gap thermal and a Rue21 scarf and my J.C. Penny shoes.

This is one of the flowers I made today, I put an elastic loop on the back so it can go on bobby pins, headbands, or hairbands.
My aunt asked me to do an outfit with some legwarmers so Monday I should have that up.
Come again soon, like tomorrow!!

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Under Her Wings said...

Cute outfit, and I love the pictures! How creative can you get? And to have a 6 year old do them and to trust her to do them and to have her do them so well is simply amazing!