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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Day 6/30

This is what I wore to church this morning and if I were a good blogger I would take some of my outfit this afternoon but at this point I'm in pajamas sooo... I dragged my little bro to the field behind our house to take my pictures. I kinda felt like someone in an Anthropologie
ad...I wish=)

I am wearing a Mossimo dress, Charlotte Russe tights and a handmade headband.
Ramsey from love, Ramsey has agreed to do a guest post on dressing cute and casual at the same time, it should be really neat!


Ramsey said...

Adorable girl! I will try to get the post done tomorrow or Tuesday!

Under Her Wings said...

Great pics! You need to have little sister and brother do your pictures all the time. And I loved your dress that you wore to church yesterday.