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Monday, February 14, 2011

I Hang My Head in Shame!!!

YES I did it again broke a rule but this time it was totally on accident I swear, what happened was that the first set of 30 for 30 shirts included my black turtleneck and my second one didn't, but I got confused and wore it today, I am just about ready to give up, someone encourage me please! Anyways these are my days 11 and 12 because my besties forced me to go running all day yesterday inbetween church (not really, I love them and wanted to go running:)

I am wearing my J. Crew jeans, Bealls shirt (SORRY), Moa Moa sweater, Charlotte Russe scarf, and Target shoes.

Yeah these pics turned out weird:) I'm wearing my Apostrophie dress (as a skirt) Charlotte Russe tights, Madison shirt, Moa Moa sweater, and Rue21 Scarf and Target flats.
Oh by the way go check out my friends new blog FASHION iCON she doesn't have any posts up yet but she will:)
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Under Her Wings said...

Don't quit(unless you really want to). Your pictures look great today. I could tell what you were wearing just fine. Of course, you're always beautiful to me.

H Rija said...

I love your outfit and what sticks to my head is your scarf!

I was wondering if you would wanna to do a follow trade? (wanna follow each other?)