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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Weekend Recap


So I guess I kinda disappeared this past week from bloggy land but I just wanted to share what my crazy schedule was this week.
Monday: My Monday excuse is that my camera was left at church and by the time my dad got home from work with his camera I was hiding in the closet from tornadoes:)
Tuesday:I had school in the morning, practice in the afternoon, still no camera aaannnddd my outfit wasn't that cute anyways:)
Wednesday: I was working at my grandpa's office all day and I was still without a camera.
Thursday: I was at the Old State House till lunch and then I was doing school at my dad office and then I was wearing sweatpants and a Puma jacket so you most likely don't want to see that:)
Friday: ditto the morning but that night, we had a cookout for my sister's birthday.
Today: I have been at the Old State House all day doing living history. It was so much fun, I got to wear a poofy dress, card wool, eat some really good food, and meet some great people!

Well hopefully you didn't get too bored with this post:)


Under Her Wings said...

I love this post! And what a fun week you had! I thought you were simply marvelous as the woman who made a speech and presented the flag to the Confederate soldiers going off to war.

Rebekah said...

Wow you have been so busy but what fun!! Glad your home now though. And absolutely wonderful job at the State House.

Erica said...

I've always wanted to wear a dress like that! I love historical fiction books (nerd alert!), so I've always wanted to be part of a re-enactment (wow, even nerdier). Anyway, that's cool that you have that job!

North Meets South

Le Chateau des fleurs said...

Hey cutie!
LDS too an this is so cool!
Come follow me back!

Charity said...

And a beautiful , and talented living history actress you were!
Oh, and your camera was at my house;)

Mom Daughter Style said...

awesome outfit!