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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Anthro Inspired Necklace (how original)

My aunt said it looked just like an Anthro necklace so I just went and found a bib necklace to show from Anthro:) original

REALLY quick post to let you know I still exist:) I made this necklace while I was sick a couple weeks ago. What I did is I took a t-shirt that I am making bracelets out of and used the neck as a pattern to get the shape that I wanted IF that makes any sense. Then I cut strips and made rolled roses and sewed them to the bib. I had the pink roses already made and sewed them on there to create some contrast. I had a pearl necklace that I had cut up to make a bracelet and the bracelet broke so I used the pearls for this as well. The leaves are a scrap of lace that was sitting by my bed when I was sick and I thought it might be cute to cute leaf shapes out of them and it turned out very nice! For the chain I had a necklace that was always falling apart from $1 Jewlrey Galore (hhmm maybe I should start shopping at nicer places for my jewelery:) so I took the bottom off the necklace and used the chain. So there's my original post:)


Gentri said...

Super cute!!

Anonymous said...

Clever idea to use a t-shirt!