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Monday, April 4, 2011

Same Song Second Verse

Shirt:MileyMax (thrifted) Jeans:Levi's (handimedown) Necklace:My cousin made it Belt: ? (gifted) Shoes:Rue21 (handmedow) Flower: Handmade (copied from Candie's flower)
Yeah,  I'm wearing the same shirt as I did yesterday so I'm still a lumberjack:) I tend to do that a lot, wear a shirt on Sunday and then wear it again on Monday if it's not dirty. I wore jeans, a different belt and a different necklace so its totally different, right?

Please ignore all the weird facial expressions and blurry feet. Last week I left my camera by the computer and now we can't find it. Usually when I take pictures I have this amazing setting where I can put it on self timer and then it will take 1-10 shots at a time so I just put it on 10 seconds and run over and it will take 10 pictures. I repeat this about four times and I usually get about 4-10 good pictures out of the bunch, some are weird looking or blurry. Well right now when I don't have MY camera I have to use my daddy's and his self timer only takes one at a time so when I can't get a sib to help me out I don't get many good pictures.

Get excited because this Friday there will be our first ever feature Friday! And I have two different post swaps sometime this month and in May most likely I will be writing a guest post for Natalia who is moving to Paris!! Wow! I also wanted to thank everyone for their sweet comments, they are so encouraging!

Thanks for reading!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Gentri said...

I am a total outfit repeater too! It's completely fine! (according to my rule book)

Sarah said...

Oh, man, the self timer game. It's a rough one, lemme just say that much. Haha.

You're not the only one that changes up the accessories and calls it good. I've done that plenty of times before and I think it is totally acceptable!

Natalia Lynn said...

You're so cute, thanks for linking this up! I will set up a date for the guest post. Thanks!