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Monday, January 31, 2011

Outfit of...yesterday?

Yeah so I guess that outfit of the day isn't working too well, maybe I should do outfit of last week or outfit of a few days ago we'll see:) I wore this outfit to church yesterday with my grey Express sweater in the morning.

Shirt: Goodwill 3.50 Brand: (not remembered and blogger too lazy to walk up to her room to look at the tag:)

Skirt: SPCA thrift store 2.oo Brand:Old Navy

Sweater:(not shown) Goodwill clearence 50 cents Brand: Express

Shoes:(not shown) Target Christmas present

I found the shirt at Goodwill, bought it, and when I got home realized that it matched perfectly with my favorite skirt!

I love my zebra duct tape!!!!

Look what my adorable cousin made me!!!

Love ya Emma!!
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Katri said...

cute! and duct tape is fun!
Cardigans and Cookie Dough

Under Her Wings said...

Love the top! And I agree, duct tape is fun--and amazing. who ever thought that so many things can be done with duct tape?

Ramsey said...

I want this warm January weather to stick around. For like ever would be nice!

craftydiva said...

Me too! But it's cold again:(