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Friday, January 21, 2011

New clothes!!

I just got back from Orlando/Disney World and they had some great stores!!! Let me show you what I got.

I love the three shirts, I got them all at Bealls outlet:)
the sequined thingy is a sequined circle scarf.

Ahh Microfiber:):)

Some of my 10 for $10 stuff at Claires.

these are some chandelier they were actually from the Christmas bargain rack and they are snowflakes but they're cute!!

Accessories!!!!!!!!!!! I love the bows and the flower!

this is the most amazing tank top, one side is a v-neck and the other side is a scoop thrifty!!!


Under Her Wings said...

I love them. I can't wait to see the tank top in person.

Callie Rew said...

Those were great finds! Had fun with you in Florida!