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Monday, January 31, 2011

Outfit of...yesterday?

Yeah so I guess that outfit of the day isn't working too well, maybe I should do outfit of last week or outfit of a few days ago we'll see:) I wore this outfit to church yesterday with my grey Express sweater in the morning.

Shirt: Goodwill 3.50 Brand: (not remembered and blogger too lazy to walk up to her room to look at the tag:)

Skirt: SPCA thrift store 2.oo Brand:Old Navy

Sweater:(not shown) Goodwill clearence 50 cents Brand: Express

Shoes:(not shown) Target Christmas present

I found the shirt at Goodwill, bought it, and when I got home realized that it matched perfectly with my favorite skirt!

I love my zebra duct tape!!!!

Look what my adorable cousin made me!!!

Love ya Emma!!
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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Then and Now

Today I was looking at Anthropologie to get ideas for a new blog post and when I went over to the "new fashion" section I noticed a trend, VERY vintage clothing...almost to the point of ancient. So I put together some side by side comparisons for you to check out.

Bell bottoms, I saw these pants and immediately thought "bell bottoms" and the sad thing is
the 70's pattern is actually cuter then the "up to date" pants:)

Long jumpers, when I saw this dress I thought either "frumpy homeschooler" :):):) or Eowyn.
If you have ever seen the Lord of the Rings trilogy you will know that Lady Eowyn has both beautiful and serivceable dresses. Her clothing is beautiful when she is at court but when there is work to be done she has dresses that will allow her to move and help her country.

Peasent blouse, this is a trend that I think is really cute! I love the girlyness of peasent blouses and how they look vintage without looking frumpy.

Pumpkin breeches, when I saw these shorts I thought "Hey! Those look like those poofy pants
guys used to wear in Leonardo Da Vinci's time. So of course I then Googled "poofy renaissance pants for guys" and learned that they are called Pumpkin breeches. I have to admit, these shorts are cuter than the kind from the 1600's but not a whole lot.
Cloaks, there's not much to say about this trend, I am not a huge fan but its okay I guess:)
I also wanted to share a fashion timeline that I thought was really cool its by James Laver a famous costume historian and a past Keeper of the Robes at the London Victoria and Albert Musaum.He was a noted authority on dress and its relationship to society.

Laver's Law


10 years before its time


5 years before its time


1 year before its time




1 year after its time


10 years after its time


20 years after its time


30 years after its time


50 years after its time


70 years after its time


100 years after its time


150 years after its time
Just thought that was neat, thanks for reading!

Friday, January 21, 2011

New clothes!!

I just got back from Orlando/Disney World and they had some great stores!!! Let me show you what I got.

I love the three shirts, I got them all at Bealls outlet:)
the sequined thingy is a sequined circle scarf.

Ahh Microfiber:):)

Some of my 10 for $10 stuff at Claires.

these are some chandelier they were actually from the Christmas bargain rack and they are snowflakes but they're cute!!

Accessories!!!!!!!!!!! I love the bows and the flower!

this is the most amazing tank top, one side is a v-neck and the other side is a scoop thrifty!!!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Today I put together a floral outfit just so I can link up to Elaine's "Rules are for Breaking" linky party.

Tanktop:50 cents garage sale
Cardigan: 4$ Bealls
Skirt:4$ Bealls
Scarf: Free (gift)
Shoes: Free (gift)
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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Outfits and Cute Christmas Presents

Sorry I haven't posted in so long, Christmastime is super busy for me. Well today I put together some outfits and took some pictures of my favorite fashionable Christmas presents.

The first one I am going to show off is my belt rack that I am using as a necklace rack, I got this idea from a Better Homes and Gardens and my cousin picked this one up in a flea market.

Remember how I said that I loved ballet flats? Well I was caught with no black shoes before a recital and my mom gave me one of my Christmas presents early.

I wore this outfit to the New Years Eve talent show at our church, then I wore a snow suit for the all-night treasure hunt and looked like...

All my clothes here were either handmedowns or presents except for the shoes I don't have on yet...those were $1 at a yard sale

I wore this to church today

Dress: $4 Bealls, unfortunately we don't have a Bealls near us, well actually its probably good since if we DID have one near us I would have WAY too many clothes:)

I wore this to church last week but really liked it so I wanted to show you.

Sweater: I think free
Tank top:50 cents yard sale
Skirt:$2 from the SPCA thrift store in Florida
Scarf: $1 Rue21