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Monday, November 7, 2011

Back In Action

Sorry for being MIA this summer, I had swim team and tended not to get dressed as you can see from the picture. I also began year-round swimming and that plus school and music means I have a lot less time to blog. But I'm taking a break from swim team for November so hopefully that means I can share some cute winter outfits and crafts!
We walked to a garage sale one day and became the garage sale club:)

Now I'm gonna tell you about my new braided ear warmer!
This is a better picture of the headband

I found this ear warmer on Pinterest [which won't let me link to the orig] and I loved it! it looked pretty easy to make an it was! all you have to do is crochet three strips about three inches this that measure two or so inches more than your head. Crochet all three strips together at the end and braid them together. This is the only slightly tricky part, you need to make sure that your braid is flat so that it is comfortable to wear on your ears and looks cute. Now just crochet the two ends together so that it forms a ring.

Haha goofing off:)

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Under Her Wings said...

Haley, that's so cute! I still need help re-learning to crochet. I think with my aching wrist the last time went my memory! Love you!