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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I'm back...and obsessed:)

I have a new obsession...with fashion blogs. I love buying clothes and wearing them even though I don't have many places to wear them since I homeschool, lately I have loved looking through thrifty, fashion blogs to get inspiration for outfits. I also have enjoyed looking through sites like Anthropologie and DELiAs BUT they tend to be rather pricy and it kinda makes me cringe to think of paying so much for clothing I can get for a fraction of the retail price! These are a few things that I love and hope to imitate with cheap, but cute copies:):):)
By the way, if you were wondering some of the blogs I have been reading are:
and others.

These are some of my favorite styles from Anthropologie
Really cute cuff
I love maxi dresses and this is really cute for winter!
I really like the sweater
Love this look!

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