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Friday, July 23, 2010

Recent Projects

Sorry I haven't posted in so long! I have had swim team, camp, Florida... and I haven't had time to post:( Anyways, today I am going to show you some recent projects that I have been working on in my sparse spare time,

The first project is a wall hanging I made, I took an old frame I had, some cardboard, notebook paper, buttons and a sharpie and created this adorable wall decoration.

The second project is braided headbands, I made fabric braids and sewed elastic to the ends to make them stretchy.

The third project you see are some braided fabric anklets that I have been making and wearing. They're just thin fabric braids, I used hook and eyes, knots and buttons for clasps. I would like to sew small buttons on them sometime in the future.

I hope to show you more crafty stuff soon!

1 comment:

Under Her Wings said...

Glad to see you posted. Maybe it will get me moving.