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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I've survived day 2. I'm staying with my grandma Thursday and started freaking out because I couldn't figure out what to wear but I redid a scarf I had made and got it covered:) I had to include this shirt because I love it and knew I could figure out how to make it cute and I think I
did a decent job.

This is how most of my pictures turned out...over exposed I have no idea why

I am wearing my Athletic Works tee, J. Crew jeans, Energie sweater, Rocketdog sneakers, Icing necklace and garage sale earrings


Thanks for checking me out!

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Under Her Wings said...

I'm just glad you're going to your grandmother's tomorrow. It's been awhile since you've spent the night.

archives said...

i love the icing necklace! very cute :)